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2012 Toyota Vios

"2012 Toyota Vios small caliber"
The common shroud for that car line option "compact" compact is synonymous with giving up the comfort, performance and stylish design, the new 2012 Toyota Vios that will be born to model changes preconceptions. Combine these features are usually derived from the luxury cars, Vios 2012 is synonymous with elegant, powerful and full of personality.
toyota vios
Inheriting the true value of the previous version, Toyota Vios completely new message "Starting from a new life" is designed with the desire to create a global standard for compact sedans intermediate design , comfort, safety and style.

2012 Toyota Vios
Vios is derived from the word "VIO" in Latin, means "go ahead". From the tone of not only simple, easy to read, easy to remember but also lies a youthful image, full of life. This car was fully a dynamic new sedan - the car will give the owner much joy and happiness in life.
For the first time Toyota Vios launch has received appreciation in the market as well as receive the attention and preference of many customers of all ages. Toyota Vios came to Vietnam in August 2003 and always take High in the small sedan segment with sales of intermediate accumulated over 7.500 vehicles.
Constantly reach out toward success, TMV continue to introduce a completely new Toyota Vios 2012 to better meet customer needs. With this new vehicle, TMV wants to establish a new standard for small sedans with intermediate best values ​​and brings pride to the user. We can say that with all-new Toyota Vios, Toyota has set up a new generation with new style car for the younger generation.
toyota vios
New 2012 Toyota Vios was developed on the idea that the convergence of the factor value, personality, sophisticated design, fuel economy, powerful operation, interior comfort, optimum safety and many Vietnam offers other features can meet all customer needs. This is why this latest sedan surpass other models in its segment.

2012 Toyota Vios Exterior
Toyota Vios
The new global standard designs
With pioneering design style, all-new 2012 Toyota Vios beauty exuding a youthful and dynamic. The car is completely different design than the previous generation, creating a stylish look and sporty. The body is extended in length, width and height to create more space and more comfortable for users. V-front design with two side-edges create unique designs for the new Vios 2012.
toyota vios
Slab of the wind front bumper is designed thick and soft, rounded styling, spacious. Grille impressive harmony with the front bumper and front fog headlights rounded design makes Vios seductive personality. In addition, the headlights are completely new design, definition of add elegance to the car and still ensure good visibility for driving in foggy weather.
Seen from behind, and make sure the surface of the tail slopes upwards to bring a clearer sense of the vehicle structure. In addition, innovative design of the headlights combined with decorative border coordination number plates with chrome rear bumper design to create powerful looks and spacious car. The new design of alloy wheels also helps the car look new and more sports.
To increase the convenience and safety, all-new Toyota Vios install power folding outside mirrors with integrated indicator lights. In addition, the antenna column is replaced with the antenna in on the glass as not only reducing the noise of the wind, but also brings new look to the car.
Interior 2012 Toyota Vios
Toyota Vios
2012 Toyota Vios design a new global standards for comfort. With the desire to achieve new progress in installing the equipment, create a sense of luxury with top quality, the interior of the Toyota Vios entirely new design style based on "Simple but lifestyle "
toyota vios
Designed cockpit with all scientific controls are within reach. Chairs and high-grade leather steering wheel integrated controls, sound systems used in cars Vios 1.5G feels luxurious amenities and comfortable than in reducing the operation to drivers.
toyota vios
For greater convenience to customers, we introduce EPS assisted power steering on the car's speed to get to know the feel of the steering wheel - steering lighter helps when driving at low speed and back on often even when driving at high speed. Remote key unlock the door closes quickly
toyota vios
Full set of sound system to hear the radio AM / FM, CD Player with 6 speakers, compatible with MP3, WMA is equipped with features DSP (audio processing digital), ASL (automatic adjustment volume according to vehicle speed) and LIVE - ASC (live sound) helps customers can enjoy a lively sound and honest. Moreover, under air sound is harmonious structure for the central control area. With air-style control dial for simplified operation of the driver and cooling system of the Toyota Vios will be quickly controlled and optimized air conditioning in the cockpit in the shortest time. In the all-new Vios, Optitron instrument panel located in a central location to increase the maximum visibility, while highlighting the youthful style for the car. The display has information that helps the driver to easily control the operation of the vehicle. In addition, the new Toyota Vios is also equipped with front and glass tray containing small cavities in the middle to create the intimacy and comfort for driver and passengers.
toyota vios
The back seat can fold independently 60/40, very handy to hold to and bulky items.
toyota vios
One of the highlights of the progress all-new Toyota Vios is more generous space for passengers. Range adjustable reclining chairs were significantly increased, along with that, the distance between the front seat and rear seats are also very much dilated, forming class compartment seating area. In addition, rear passengers also feel more comfortable with hooks attached map as soon as the front passenger seat, the floor design flat, about to bust wide hands and knees in the back seat with center tray glass containers.
toyota vios
Operate the new standard of performance.
toyota vios
Toyota Vios is designed with VVT-i engine with 1.5 liter DOHC 16-valve system delivers the optimal operation for the engine, as well as fuel efficiency, increase reliability and reduce pollution especially due to follow Euro 4 standards for emissions. Maximum output of the new Toyota Vios is 107 hp, maximum torque is 14.4Kg.m powerful than ever.
The Vios 1.5G, 4 speed automatic with driver up front and rear are equipped to choose the optimal location and make sure the car ran really smoothly, especially in traffic conditions in Vietnam. For customers who prefer sports style perfectly, Vios 1.5E with 5-speed manual gearbox will allow you to accelerate a powerful way.
New 2012 Toyota Vios also has many outstanding features such as support bars have been fitted with energy in the floor to reduce vibration and ensure the best operation; front suspension with stabilizer bar and system rear suspension torsion bars ETA create stability while driving, the sound insulation panels arranged around the car to reduce noise and create a quiet space in the cockpit, the curved surface of the glass and the bar is supported mounted in the floor before help achieve the best quality steering, tilt steering wheel will feel extremely comfortable and will actively support the driver in the vehicle.
Toyota Vios
Nothing is more precious and important the safety of you, especially when accelerating obstacle. Understanding this, Toyota has equipped the car brand new Toyota Vios safety systems optimization.
The all-new 2012 Toyota Vios convergence of active safety features and the most advanced passive, in order to provide maximum safety for passengers and driver. All-new Toyota Vios using well-known body GOA Toyota's global ability to crumple on impact, dissipate any anxiety for all trips.
toyota vios
Two SRS front airbags are installed in the new Toyota Vios for maximum protection of passengers and the driver when the collision occurred, and more advanced safety features.
Antilock brake system with ABS allocation mechanism EBD electronic brake force to help drive wheels are not locked in and stable even when braking on slippery roads; in both 4-wheel disc brakes with brake assist system emergency (BA) to help correct and effective braking in emergency situations ..
In particular, the design front seats reduce injury to the neck vertebrae in the event of a collision from behind, this structure will also support the head and spine, greatly reducing pressure on the neck.
toyota vios
Also, to minimize injury to passengers in case of collision, the front of the car, hood, and hood panels are specifically designed to crumple. That way, we again confirmed the importance of not only protects passengers in the vehicle but also protect the pedestrians.
2012 Toyota Vios Color
toyota vios
Red (3P0)
toyota vios
Silver (1D4)
toyota vios
Light green (8S9)
toyota vios Black (209)
Price new 2012 Toyota Vios
Toyota Vios 1.5G _ price: 602 million USD
Toyota Vios 1.5E _ price: 552 million USD
1.5E Toyota Vios Limo _ price: 520 million USD
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